LA Spotlight: Nathan Vincent's "Teach a man to..." at Walter Maciel Gallery

27 Feb 2024

by ArtRabbit

Last chance to see Nathan Vincent's thought-provoking yarn sculptures challenging gender norms and the perception of masculinity with crocheted gym settings and life-size soldiers.

Nathan Vincent's installations at Walter Maciel Gallery, including "Locker Room" and "Let's Play War," challenge traditional gender norms through crocheted sculptures. "Locker Room" intricately crafts a male gym setting in yarn, softening its masculinity, while "Let's Play War" presents life-size yarn soldiers in childlike war play, questioning the nature of weapons and power. Vincent's work merges masculine and feminine elements, offering a unique perspective on stereotypes and art mediums, making familiar objects both impactful and cuddly. Read full review on What’s on Los Angeles.

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