News: ArtRabbit and Great Western Railway (GWR) Launch New Initiative to Promote Art-Focused Rail Journeys across the South West, West, and South Wales

24 Apr 2024

by ArtRabbit

In partnership with GWR. Your art adventure starts here.

This collaboration aims to enhance the travel experience, beautifully merging the discovery of art with the scenic journeys across some of the UK's most culturally vibrant regions.

London, UK – ArtRabbit, the media platform dedicated to the arts, culture, and heritage sectors, is thrilled to announce a pioneering partnership with Great Western Railway (GWR), the rail company serving South Wales, the West Country, the Cotswolds, and operating across southern England and London. This collaboration aims to enhance the travel experience, beautifully merging the discovery of art with the scenic journeys across some of the UK's most culturally vibrant regions.

To kick off this partnership, we're proud to present our first travel guide dedicated to Bristol's dynamic art scene, accessible through the ArtRabbit app and website. This is just the beginning. We've also curated unique art trails for Exeter, Falmouth, Plymouth, and Swansea, designed to guide you through the heart of each city's art community with ease. To explore these vibrant paths, we invite you to download the ArtRabbit app, your gateway to a rich tapestry of cultural exploration.

"After unveiling our partnership with GWR, we're excited to embark on this journey of connecting people with the dynamic art scenes across the South West, West, and South Wales. Art is an adventure, and with GWR, we're making it more accessible than ever."
– Vivi Kallinikou, Managing Director at ArtRabbit

"This collaboration is a testament to our dedication to making art part of everyone's travel experiences. Through the ArtRabbit app and our curated guides, we're offering a new way to explore and appreciate the rich cultural landscapes of the UK."
– Suzie Jones, Community & Partnership Lead at ArtRabbit

"Partnering with ArtRabbit represents a significant step forward in our mission to enhance the travel experience for our passengers. Together, we're not just offering a journey but an invitation to discover the soul of our cities through their art."
– Helen Scholes, Marketing Manager, GWR

This partnership aims to showcase the seamless integration of art exploration with GWR's extensive rail network, covering dynamic cities such as Bristol, Cardiff, Bath, Swansea, Exeter, Plymouth, and the capital, London. ArtRabbit and GWR will collaborate on a series of content pieces highlighting the rich arts and cultural venues within GWR’s network, tailored for an audience that ranges from solo travellers and couples to students, groups, and families, encouraging a holistic exploration of art combined with sustainable travel.

Transforming Travel into a Cultural Odyssey

Leveraging ArtRabbit's comprehensive coverage of over 350 art spaces across more than 30 towns and cities in the South West, West, and South Wales, the partnership will introduce travellers to an innovative way of engaging with art – making every journey a part of the cultural experience. This initiative not only aims to drive tourism but also to enhance the cultural fabric of the regions served by GWR.

Synergising Art and Travel

This partnership represents a strategic collaboration between two entities deeply invested in enriching people's lives through art and travel. By highlighting the dynamic and ever-changing programming of the art spaces within GWR's service area, ArtRabbit and GWR aim to inspire repeated travel and deeper engagement with the arts. From encouraging advanced bookings to promoting off-peak travel and GWR Railcards, the campaign is designed to foster a sustainable and enriching travel ethos.

A Legacy of Collaboration

ArtRabbit's pedigree in bridging the worlds of art, culture, and travel is unmatched, with a history of collaborations with entities such as Zipcar, Sotheby's Institute of Art, D&AD, Kulturprojekte Berlin, the Singapore Tourism Board, and the Greater London Authority. This partnership with GWR marks another significant milestone in ArtRabbit's mission to make art an essential part of the travel experience.

About ArtRabbit

ArtRabbit is a leading media platform in the arts sector, dedicated to connecting people with art events and venues globally. With a vibrant community that spans artists, curators, and art enthusiasts, ArtRabbit is committed to making art accessible and engaging, encouraging exploration and appreciation of the arts worldwide.

About GWR

Great Western Railway (GWR), operates trains across the Great Western franchise area, which includes South Wales, the West Country, the Cotswolds, across southern England and into London. GWR provides high speed, commuter, regional and branch line train services, and before the Covid-19 pandemic helped over 100 million passengers reach their destinations every year.

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Vivi Kallinikou, vivi at artrabbit dot com
Suzie Jones, suzie at artrabbit dot com

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