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Media Partnerships for Fairs, Festivals, Art Weeks, Gallery Weekends and Multi-Site Events

We expertly map and list your entire event, allowing attendees to navigate effortlessly through the city, area or neighbourhood. Showcase your festival through a custom-designed app and website feature, complete with navigational maps, essential visitor information, and curated art trails.
Solutions for Fairs, Festivals, Art Weeks, Gallery Weekends and Multi-Site Events

Your Festival Mapped on Mobile and Desktop

Your Festival Mapped on Mobile and Desktop

Optimised Listing for Main Event

Increase visibility with an optimised web and app listing. Attract more attendees by showcasing your main event with high-quality visuals, comprehensive descriptions, and all relevant visitor information.

...And your Related Events and Organisations

Highlight all related events and organisations with an optimised web and app listing. Drive traffic to all related events and sites, and grow subscribers for targeted emails about new events and exhibitions at those sites.

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Direct Call to Action Button

Maximise ticket sales, subscribers, membership, or product sales. Promote your offers with a single click and drive conversions and revenue.

Branded App

Elevate your multi-site event experience with a branded app that sits within the ArtRabbit app. Enable visitors to navigate with ease, get directions, and access visitor information. Share content and engage with your brand via list and map view of all events/exhibitions ordered by date and proximity. Your audience can save events, artists and venues to their personal profiles, share, and even track their visits in a fun and interactive, gamified way.

Communications Campaign

Get your multi-site event in front of a wider audience with a comprehensive communications campaign. Promote your event via newsletters, social media, and targeted direct-emails to drive engagement, IRL attendance, online audiences, or ticket sales.

Campaign Report

Measure the success of your campaign with a detailed report. Track how many people you reached, subscribers gained, and get valuable insights for future events.

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We've worked with some of the most vibrant art festivals.

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Our rates vary based on the scale and complexity of your event. To discuss your project, send us an email with your event name, number of events or locations, city, and event times to support at artrabbit dot com.