Boost Events

Stand out from the crowd and reach the audience you crave. Boost your event on ArtRabbit to get increased visibility and engagement for your well-deserving event.

How do Calls-to-Action (CTA) work?

CTAs are powerful selling tools that prompt users to click through the webpage of your choice, landing them directly on a page for buying tickets, purchasing gifts, subscribing to memberships… whatever you want (as long as it’s related to your event). And it’s a flat fee to add it to your event for its entire duration.

Calls to action

How do boosts work?

Boosted events are added to our city-specific featured lists. These lists can be clicked through via the ArtRabbit homepage, city pages, event pages, newsletters and the ArtRabbit app. Put simply, a lot of traffic is directed to featured lists. So when you boost your event, you’ll get a lot more people seeing your event listing.

Boosted Events: Highlights on ArtRabbit