Upward Mobility: Q&A with Debora Delmar

Modern Art Oxford has just opened an exhibition entitled Upward Mobility by Mexico City based artist Debora Delmar who works under the corporate alter ego Debora Delmer Corp. Working with sculpture, video and installation Upward Mobility consists of immersive environments that reflect how commodity, lifestyle and branding reflect our visual surrounds and our concept of self.

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Artist Opportunities

A selection of open calls for contemporary art related competions, prizes, exhibitions, awards, entries, and submissions. This feature will be updated weekly.

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DKUK: Q&A with Daniel Kelly

DKUK is not your average art space. Located in South London’s Peckham neighbourhood it is a hidden gem in an arcade alley on bustling Rye Lane. What makes DKUK particularly unique is not location alone, it being an art gallery and hair salon makes it a truly alternative art space.

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London Galleries Representing at Art Basel Hong Kong

Art Basel Hong Kong will take place the 15th­-17th of March in China’s leading art metropolis. There is strong representation of London based galleries this year and below is a list of venues that will be featured at this year’s fair.

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Part one of the New York Art Fair week is descending on the city that never sleeps. Although it may be called Armory Week, with The Armory Show as the main event, there is still plenty to discover. 

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