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PR Professionals Checklist

Maintain happy clients with ArtRabbit and be sure to do all of the following:

Sign up for an account

Sign up here, or find out more about us here.

List your events and organisations

You can list upcoming, current and even past events on ArtRabbit. Listing your events functions as a powerful marketing tool and can also act as a handy digital portfolio for the shows and events you’ve looked after.

Have an event you want the world to know about? List the event here. If the organisation or venue where your event is being held is not on ArtRabbit, list the venue here.

If your event is taking place in London, the UK, Berlin, New York or Los Angeles (more locations to come!) we’ll include them in our weekly location-specific newsletters.

We also publish seasonal editorial picks of our favourite shows, which will be highlighted on our app, through our website, and through our social feeds. Every listed exhibition is considered, no matter how small, so make sure your clients’ events and exhibitions are on the ArtRabbit platform.

Adding online events

You can add online events either from an organisation page or from "Add an Event" in the main menu.

To add online events from an organisation, select "Online", then fill out the details as you would normally. To add online events from the main menu, select "Online", then either continue as the host or find the organisation that is hosting the event. If the organisation doesn't appear in the dropdown, you can add the new organisation to ArtRabbit, then create the online event. Fill out the details as you would normally, and publish the event. Be sure to add instructions on how to join the event, even if it's simply opening up a website.

Best practices for listing events

We want to make sure your clients get the most out of ArtRabbit. Check the following boxes so that you can rest easy, knowing the events you’re looking after are getting the best PR treatment possible.

Images: use high-quality .JPEG images for events of artwork or installation views. Don’t use exhibition posters or images with overlaid text.

Title: Include the exhibition title without using the word “exhibition”, as this will be redundant. If it’s a solo exhibition, include the artist’s name in the title so that viewers can easily search for it.

Description: Summarise the event in Short Introduction, making sure any keywords about the event is included.

Social handles: Add Twitter, Facebook and Instagram handles and branded hashtags to each event so that they can easily be shared via these channels.

Link to and promote the ArtRabbit profiles of your clients with our logos and badges

To help your clients link to and promote their ArtRabbit profile, we have created badges that can be added to their website or online portfolio. They’ll be able to reap the benefits of our targeted emails as well as the upcoming and suggested events function. More information about ArtRabbit logos and badges here.

Advertise with ArtRabbit

Promote events on ArtRabbit

There are several affordable ways you can promote the events you’re in charge of on ArtRabbit.

Boosted events show up on our Highlights list for each city. Get up to 300% more exposure to your clients’ events for as little as £25. The more you boost, the more you save: for every additional day, you boost an event, the price-per-day drops. Best of all, once the event’s on our Highlights list, it’ll be seen by those specifically looking for art events to attend. Your audience can’t get more targeted than that. Find out more about boosted events here.

Calls-to-action are available for every event you add. These affordable yet powerful marketing tools prompt users to click through to the web page of your choice, whether it’s to book tickets, purchase a membership or buy related products. Find out more about calls-to-action here.

Promote Open Calls, Jobs, Services

Our artist opportunities platform is one of the most popular listing sites for attracting high-quality candidates and reaching a huge number of applicants. That’s because we vet every single opportunity that comes our way, so ours is trusted by artists and creatives looking to share their talents. If you’re interested in promoting your open call, job opening or services on our platform, contact us at

Get ArtRabbit Editors to cover your events

Think the world should know about your client’s event? Commission us to write a review of the show, or get press coverage with an in-depth Instagram story and social support. Find out more or book us in at

Social media support

Our far-reaching social media channels are ideal for getting the word out about anything art-related your client wishes to promote. With our ever-growing audiences with a keen interest in arts and culture, we offer paid-for social media campaigns in combination with editorial, newsletter campaigns or as a standalone.

What you can do with ArtRabbit (and what ArtRabbit can do for you)

Beyond our promotional abilities, ArtRabbit is a tool for arts professionals (including you!) to review output by clients, stay on top of the calendar, know what the competition is up to and more.

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Newsletters go out every Wednesday and cover new exhibitions and events for eight consecutive days. Find out what other shows are coming up within London, throughout the UK, Berlin or New York and be in the know. You can subscribe to the ArtRabbit newsletters here.

Download the ArtRabbit App

The ArtRabbit App is the best way to discover art exhibitions near you. Find out what’s the most popular shows in your city and keep track of your own cultural exposure. With an interactive map and the ability to save events you’re interested in, it’s the perfect app to help you uncover the cultural riches around you. Download the ArtRabbit app for iPhone or Android.

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