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Hey there, fellow art lover. Looking to expand your cultural horizons? You’ve come to the right place. With ArtRabbit, squeezing more art into your life has never been easier.

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ArtRabbit conveniently shows you location-specific art events so that you can plan out your weekend, your evening, or even your hour. Use the ArtRabbit App to easily navigate your way through the city or find featured exhibitions if you’re stuck on what to see. Save events you’d like to see and follow your favourite artists and art spaces to get a personalised list of suggested and upcoming events. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to get a comprehensive list of every event in your area, and follow us on social media to make sure you never miss any art news.

Art Lover Checklist

Make the most of ArtRabbit and be sure to do all of the following:

Sign up for an account ✔️

Sign up here, or find out more about us here.

Read our Community Guidelines ✔️

Our Community Guidelines are an important code of conduct for maintaining a safe, useful and welcoming platform for all.

Subscribe to our newsletters ✔️

Newsletters go out every Wednesday and cover new exhibitions and events for eight consecutive days. Find out about all the opening events happening throughout the week and schedule your after-work social calendar around free booze and new art, or seamlessly plan a wholesome weekend family outing to that new museum exhibition. You can subscribe to the ArtRabbit newsletter here.

Finding events ✔️

ArtRabbit features both physical and online art and culture events. To find events near you or at a specific location, go "Physical Events in the main menu. Here, you can change location, date and event type to discover the perfect event for your outing. If you want to experience art and culture from home, go to "Online Events" in the main menu to find events you can attend from anywhere with an internet connection.

Save your favourites ✔️

If you come across an exhibition you’re interested in, simply click the “save” button, and we’ll send you a reminder before the show starts (or before it’s over, if it already began). This way, you’ll never miss a must-see show again.

Follow artists and art spaces ✔️

Follow artist and organisation profiles, and we’ll give you tailored suggested and upcoming events so you’ll never be out of interesting art things to see.

Download the ArtRabbit App ✔️

Download the ArtRabbit app for iPhone or Android. It’s the best way to discover art exhibitions near you and find out what’s the most popular shows in your city. With an interactive map and the ability to save events you’re interested in, it’s the perfect app to help you uncover the cultural riches around you.

Other features on our App includes featured list of shows curated by the ArtRabbit team, so you’ll know what events can’t be missed. You can also track your progress on the app and see how many art events you’ve been to recently. It’s like a FitBit for being cultured.

Connect with us on Social Media ✔️

Connect with us on social media for art news, industry insights, art travel suggestions, updates on new services and features, and more. This is ArtRabbit on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. (Top tip: we love retweeting your Twitter reviews or comments from ArtRabbit!)

Become an ArtRabbit Scout

Did you know that you can add events to ArtRabbit? List the shows in your city that haven’t been added yet and help others discover the cultural gems your city has to offer. Whether you list one or a hundred, you’ll be contributing to the local art community as well as the global art scene.

If you list events continually and consistently, you might be just what we’re looking for. You can take over the event listings of your city and become an ArtRabbit scout. You’ll be the go-to person for contemporary art knowledge, and you’ll help the cultural scene of your area thrive. Find out more about the benefits of becoming a scout, or register your interest by contacting us at

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