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A selection of international open calls and opportunities for contemporary art related competitions, prizes, exhibitions, awards, proposals, and grants for artists, writers and curators.

This is an edited listing. We update this feature once a week on Fridays from a selection of submissions, newsletters, magazines and blogs. Our editorial team of practicing artists only select opportunities they feel offer a clear benefit to the submitting artists. To recommend an opportunity for listing, please fill in the form in the sidebar. We email around 19,500 art practitioners weekly with selected opportunities.

Exhibition Opportunity

London Bridge Hotel Open Call

London Bridge Hotel with Team London Bridge, announce an Open Call to artists from Southwark. This is an opportunity to show a piece of work for 6 months at the prestigious London Bridge Hotel. www.londonbridgehotel.com We are looking for contemporary works to be displayed on walls, windows sills and hallways in this historic building with contemporary decor.
Please submit:
1. Digital photograph of work (2MB or less - if larger - email for Dropbox link)
2. Dimensions of work and notes regarding its display
3. 1 page CV incl. address, current projects and exhibition history
4. Max. of 2 pieces of work per artist
Send to londonbridgehotelopen@gmail.com Selection: Dec 2018 Installation late Jan 2019 Opening: late Jan/Feb 2019

Deadline 14 December 2018

Team London Bridge
Twitter: @atlondonbridge
Facebook: @teamlondonbridge

Exhibition Opportunity

Ugly Duck Creative Open Call: In Transition

This season Ugly Duck will explore technological change and its effects on human behaviour through the theme; In Transition. The selected projects will investigate how digital interfaces and technological tools are reshaping our daily lives. From changes in our personal, professional and ecological relationships to modifications in our views on love, gender, the “news” and ultimately the universe. - How can we use these changes to create positive outcomes for the future? - Could technology lead to a more sustainable planet? - Are technological changes leaving us empowered or enslaved?
We are looking for multi-disciplinary projects or artworks that examine, highlight, celebrate or condemn the questions raised within this theme.

Deadline 14 December 2018

Ugly Duck
Facebook: @WeAreUglyDuck
Twitter: @WeAreUglyDuck

Artist in Residence

Kingsbrae International Residence for the Arts (KIRA)

Kingsbrae International Residence for the Arts (KIRA) will award up to fifteen artists with one month residencies in St. Andrews, New Brunswick Canada. Artists will be provided with an individual studio space, comfortable housing, up to two prepared meals each day and a stipend. Artists will live on a historic property in a beautiful seaside town and work in studios located on the property. The residence is within walking distance of the down town, however artists should bring all materials needed for their creative process when they arrive, as supplies and provisions are limited in town. As part of the residency, artists will be asked to engage with the community weekly during Open Studio Days.  During this time the artist will be expected to share their weekly progress and present to the visiting public a final Artist Experience the last week of residency.

Deadline 15 December 2018

Kingsbrae International Residence for the Arts (KIRA)
more info: kira@kingsbraegarden.com 
Facebook: @kirainternational
Twitter: @Kingsbraegarden


Competition for an illustrated children's book project CLAIRVOYANTS

Polish publishing house Dwie Siostry invite you to participate international competition for an illustrated children's book project CLAIRVOYANTS 2018 – a contest aimed at authors, illustrators, graphic designers and all the book lovers! The main prizes are 2500 euro and book publication.

Deadline 15 December 2018

Dwie Siostry Publishing House
Facebook: @DwieSiostry
Twitter: @Dwie_Siostry

Exhibition Opportunity

III International Bad Video Art Festival Open Call

We are looking for videos which are at the intersection of bad art, bad painting and bad cinema. We propose to study extreme forms of video art and single out certain video art works as bad videos or "B-videos". Join us if you are interested in the issues of quality and boundaries of art, or just love video art. Open to artists worldwide.

Deadline 15 December 2018

International Bad Video Art Festival
Facebook: @badvideoart
Twitter: @video_bad

Artist in Residence

FOUNDATION Residency 2019

FOUNDATION invites artists, curators, architects and/or researchers dealing with urban issues in their practice, to take part.
Four participants will be selected by a jury from the pool of applications.
The selected applicants, together with METASITU, the curators of the project, will become the founders of a new city.
They will spend, together, seven days living, discussing, negotiating, and building the foundations of the new city locked up in the exhibition space of DAS ESSZIMMER, without access to the Internet.
The Founders will ‘build’ a new city together, by physically altering the gallery space that they will inhabit for a week, but also establishing bonds between each other during this time.
FOUNDATION will award each selected participant (‘founder’) with a travel grant to cover their transport costs to DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+ in Bonn (GER), provide food for the duration of the event, as well as some production material, and offer an artist fee to each participant.

Deadline 15 December 2018

METASITU + Das Esszimmer
Facebook: @metasitu / @das.esszimmer
Twitter: @das_esszimmer
Apply here

Writer in Residence

DYSPLA Story-making Residency

DYSPLA are looking for 3 neurodivergent storymakers that are keen to write a script for screen or stage. We have three residences available on our 12-month program (part-time) and will offer full development and support during the whole process.
Neurodivergent, sometimes abbreviated as ND, means having a brain that functions in ways that diverge significantly from the dominant societal standards of “normal.” Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyscalculia, Autistic Spectrum, Tourette Syndrome, and others.
The residency will be tailored to each resident and will take place in London throughout 2019. Along with Surgery Scripts sessions, dramaturgy, a rehearsed reading and mentoring, DYSPLA will provide travel subsidy for anyone outside of London, desk space and rehearsal rooms.

Deadline 16 December 2018

Facebook: @DysplaFestival
Twitter: @DYSPLA_Festival

Prizes and Awards

V&A Illustration Awards

The V&A Illustration Awards were established in 1972 and have since become the UK's most prestigious annual illustration competition. Championing the UK creative industries, the Awards recognise the remarkable accomplishments of published and student illustrators.

The winner in each published category receives £3,000 and a trophy. The winning publications will be added to the collections of the National Art Library.

The judges also select an overall winner to receive the Moira Gemmill Illustrator of the Year 2019 prize and an additional £5,000.

Deadline 17 December 2018

Victoria and Albert Museum
Facebook: @victoriaandalbertmuseum
Twitter: @V_and_A


OPEN CALL: Unlimited Commission with Turner Contemporary

A co-commission and £7,000 grant for a new site-specific work by an emerging disabled artist(s), which will be situated on the terrace of the beautiful Turner Contemporary, Margate. Artists are invited to create work informed by the gallery’s seaside location and connected to their first ever photography exhibition ‘Seaside Photographed’, which runs from 25 May to 8 September 2019.

Applicants will need to be available to interview on Monday 7 January at Turner Contemporary, Margate.

Deadline 17 December 2018

Unlimited and Turner Contemporary
Facebook: @weareunltd
Twitter: @weareunltd

Artist in Residence

Odyssée 2019 - Call for project

ODYSSÉE is aiming at artists, researchers and culture professionals from countries other than France wanting to develop projects within French Heritage Sites. the program allows residents whose projects have been selected by a CCR (Centre Culturel de Rencontre/Heritage Sites for Culture) in France to receive 1200€ per month and the refunding of their travel fees.

Deadline 17 December 2018

Facebook: @ACCRnetwork
Twitter: @ACCRnetwork

Exhibition Opportunity

OPEN CALL for Radical Practices: Art School and Pedagogy

What is the role of radical pedagogy within art schools and what potential does education offer contemporary art practices for broad social change?  This one-day conference will look at the way artists, students and educators have challenged, remodelled, and critiqued the function of education within art schools and its implications in shifting social relations.
Your presentations should last ten minutes and relate to the above subject area. You might want to present, for example, your practice, research, or project work. Presentations practising alternative forms of pedagogy that are participatory and performance-based are actively encouraged.
We encourage all to apply. We hope to act as a platform for university, school and college level staff and students, as well as applicants from non-academic backgrounds. We have a small budget to support speakers’ travel on a needs basis.

Deadline 23 December 2018

The Ruskin School of Art
Facebook: @theruskinartschool
Twitter: @TheRuskin
Apply Here 

Exhibition Opportunity

Open Call: The Digital Diaspora

The Digital Diaspora is an exhibition exchange partnership co-organised by Centrala, Birmingham and Studio 44, Stockholm in collaboration with Short Circuit. Based on the topics of unity and division this timely project lays particular emphasis on Europe as its arrival marks 30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent overthrow of Communist rule. Through an exhibition open call, we would like to invite artists from CEE communities living in the UK to respond to these themes. 

Deadline 30 December 2018

Facebook: @centralaspace
Twitter: @Centrala_space 
Apply here


Open Call 1st International Screendance Festival Freiburg

The 1st INTERNATIONAL SCREENDANCE FESTIVAL FREIBURG invites all dance, movement, image and video artists to submit their dance films until 31st of December 2018 (12.00 p.m.). Films and videos should not exceed 5 minutes in length and should not be simply documentaries or recordings of a dance piece or live performance. We accept works in three different categories. From each category one film will be awarded the Newcomeras fund, as well as an audience price.

Deadline 31 December 2018

Theater Freiburg
Facebook: @Theater-Freiburg
Twitter: @TheaterFreiburg
Apply here

Exhibition Opportunity

Open Call for Print Artists - The Haugesund International Festival of Artistic Relief Printing

Open Call for print artists // Norway’s first international festival of relief printing.

Haugesund International Relief Print Festival (the HIT festival) will be launched in May 2019. It aims at celebrating tradition and innovation within relief print, woodcut and linocut. The HIT festival will be a juried exhibition, open for all print artists. Each artist may contribute with one work of art.

Deadline 31 December 2018

Haugesund Billedgalleri
Facebook: @grafikkfestival2019
Twitter: @Hgsd_kunst


Free professional development support

Are you a London-based visual artist, designer-maker or photographer? Apply to London Creative Network (LCN) at SPACE, Cockpit Arts, Four Corners or Photofusion to receive tailored support for your practice. It's FREE! LCN is a tailored development programme for artists and creative practitioners in London with a focus on innovative technologies or processes. LCN is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund Programme 2014 to 2020.

Deadline 4 January 2019

SPACE, Cockpit Arts, Four Cornes, Photofusion
Facebook: @LondonCreativeNetwork
Twitter: @LCNLondon
Apply here

Curator in Residence

Re–Directing: East – curatorial residency

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art and Biennale Warszawa invite professionals such as curators,researchers and art managers to apply for a one-month-long residency.

Selection will be based on the professional excellence of the applicant’s work, the relevance of past projects and interest of the applicant in relation to this year’s topic of the seminar and their one-page paper proposal –a draft of the presentation that aims to project an institution of the future and/or to propose a new, speculative model of relations between Central–Eastern Europe and Middle-East and North Africa

We strongly encourage curators and researchers based in and/or working in the North African, Middle Eastern and Arab countries to apply.

Deadline 6 January 2019

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art / Biennale Warszawa
Facebook: @centrumsztukiwspolczesnejzamekujazdowski / @biennalewarszawa
Twitter: @u_jazdowski 

Artist in Residence

Call for Web Residencies by Solitude & ZKM »Planetary Glitch«

This is a call for artists, designers, (bio)hackers, technologists, storytellers, writers, healers and shape-shifters to create new open–source strategies for undoing the trap of this planetary shift.
We accept text, performance, documentary video and fiction, 3D objects, net sculptures and installations, web archives, apps, and any other experimental mediums. Selected projects should be carried out in open-source formats that are well-documented, shareable, and consider the accessibility of its users, who may range in age, race, gender, economic class, and ability. 
For each call, the curator selects four project proposals, whose creators are rewarded with a four-week residency and 750 USD. All selected web residents are nominated for the production prize HASH by Solitude & ZKM which will be awarded in 2019.

Deadline 6 January 2019

Akademie Solitude + ZKM
Facebook: @Akademie.Solitude / @zkmkarlsruhe
Twitter: @SolitudeNetwork / @zkmkarlsruhe
Apply here 

Artist in Residence

LAB Opportunity: Beyond Queer – strategies for changing the world

In the face of continued austerity, over-population, mass migration, global warming, and famine we are told we are past the point of prevention, and now in the era of adaptation. So, in the face of catastrophe who might lead the way? Those on the outside and in the margins have always been the masters of adaptation – might they hold some valuable knowledge and potential solutions? This four day intensive LAB, hosted and facilitated by Lois Weaver and Scottee will create a forum for discussion and experimentation; a supportive and radicalised space to think the unthinkable. 

Deadline 7 January 2018

Metal Culture
Facebook: @MetalPeterborough
Twitter: @MetalPeterb 
Apply here


Ruskin School of Art: MFA Graduate scholarship opportunity

Tailored to students with a committed artistic practice, the Ruskin School of Art offers an intensive nine-month MFA programme structured to the production of ambitious new work and the establishment of critical working methodologies. 
The programme specifically takes only 15 students a year allowing for a unique, demanding and supportive group environment for engaging discursively in what it means to work as an artist today.

The course is inherently interdisciplinary, encouraging you to enhance your understanding of materials, media, processes and technical skills, and to reflect critically and ethically on your practice and its context within the broader fields of contemporary art, science and culture. Among our core community of Ruskin tutors are Oreet Ashery, Samson Kambalu, Ian Kiaer, Ghislaine Leung, Daria Martin, Katrina Palmer, Corin Sworn, and Lynette Yiadom-Boakye. Recent visiting tutors have included Tania Bruguera, Maria Fusco, William Kentridge, Renzo Martens, Hito Steyerl, and Marina Vishmidt. Studios and workshops are housed in new, award-winning facilities in East Oxford. Among our cutting-edge resources are new multimedia studios, fab lab, editing suites, print and casting rooms, and metal and wood workshops, as well as a multi-functional project space that serves as a gallery for exhibitions, film screenings and performances. You can also benefit from the extraordinary resources of Oxford University—including the famous Bodleian Library, the Ashmolean, Pitt Rivers, and Natural History Museums—and Modern Art Oxford.

We are delighted to offer a number of scholarships for the 2018–19 MFA, from University-wide initiatives such as AHRC and Clarendon funding, to NEON Grants for Greek nationals and Ruskin-specific scholarships including the Peel and Plachte Awards. All applicants will automatically be considered for MFA scholarships. 

Deadline 11 January 2019

The Ruskin School of Art
Facebook: @theruskinartschool
Twitter: @TheRuskin
More info here


a-n Artist Bursaries 2019

a-n The Artists Information Company is offering 50+ bursaries of £500 – £1,500 to Artist and Joint (Artist and Arts Organiser) members wishing to undertake self-determined professional development in 2019. We know that targeted funding at the right time in an artist’s career can make all the difference – so why not put together a plan to make things happen for you in 2019?

a-n Artist Bursaries provide money for artists to develop their practice through self-determined professional development activity that responds to their own unique needs.

Deadline 14 January 2019

a-n The Artist Information Company
Facebook: @ANartistsinfo
Twitter: @an_artnews 


Sheffield Doc/Fest Poster Competition

Sheffield Doc/Fest is an internationally recognised festival with films and filmmakers coming from all over the world, but we also have a great sense of local presence, audience and pride. We’re proud to connect thousands of documentary makers and documentary lovers with industry players, resulting in the discovery of new talent, new collaborations, and new commissions. We want to produce artwork that represents this.

Deadline 14 January 2019

Sheffield Doc/Fest
Facebook: @sheffdocfest
Twitter: @sheffdocfest
Apply here


Tse Tse Fly Middle East - Al-ḥarb al-ʼahliyyah as-sūriyyah

Arts / activism platform Tse Tse Fly Middle East are resident in Yinka Shonibare’s studios in London in March 2019 as part of the artist’s Guest Projects initiative. As part of the residency we will be producing an evening of live experimental music performances with video backdrops entitled For Syria. So we are looking for three experimental musicians / sound artists / multi-media artists to create an original 30 minute performance that reacts to the eighth anniversary of the Syrian civil war. To be considered please send us your name, a link to your work and description of the performance you would create (no longer than 300 words). Successful applicants will work with Tse Tse Fly Middle East members Maryam Nazari and Simon Coates to fully realise their finished performance piece.

Deadline 15 January 2019

Tse Tse Fly Middle East
Facebook: @tsetseflymiddleeast
Twitter: @tse_tsefly

Exhibition Opportunity

Insatiable Mind Exhibition, Salisbury International Arts Festival 2019

Wiltshire Creative is a pan-arts organisation that brings together Salisbury Arts Centre, Salisbury International Arts Festival and Salisbury Playhouse. This is an opportunity for visual artists working across different media to submit work for the Wiltshire Creative exhibition “Insatiable Mind” held at Salisbury Arts Centre as part of the 2019 Salisbury International Arts Festival. The Festival runs from 24 May to 8 June 2019; the exhibition will continue until into July.
The festival will highlight the anniversaries of the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the Moon Landing of 1969. This is an open call for artists who explore the themes of curiosity, dissatisfaction and human endeavour within their practice to change the accepted norms and break away from constructs and conventions.

Deadline 15 January 2019

Wiltshire Creative
Facebook: @wiltscreative
Twitter: @wiltscreative

Exhibition Opportunity

Rising Stars 2019 exhibtion

Rising Stars is a curated, national platform to foster and champion students and recent graduates from BA and MA crafts, design and applied arts programmes across the UK. Rising Stars aims to offer new makers their first step into the market place, through a curated, selling exhibition.

The programme will consist of the Rising Stars exhibition at New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham, that enables new makers to access the market place and collectors; professional development including knowledge transfer and skills exchange, a national symposium; and a catalogue to act as a promotional tool for the selected makers.

We are delighted present a professional development award of £500 and a solo exhibition at New Ashgate in 2019 for one of the makers in the exhibition.

Deadline 17 January 2019

New Ashgate Gallery
Facebook: @newashgate
Twitter: @newashgate

Exhibition Opportunity

Alternate Realities Talent Market Open For Submissions

Sheffield Doc/Fest’s Alternate Realities Talent Market exists to foster collaborations between creatives and organisations focused on using digital technologies to push storytelling in exciting new directions. The market is for discussing new projects that are interactive, immersive, virtual reality, augmented reality, web-doc, games, 360-video, live performance, motion comic, room-scale experience and/or installation. Selected artists and creative teams will be connected with industry Decision Makers from tech companies, funding bodies, NGOs, broadcasters, international festivals, galleries, production companies and distribution platforms for new media. 

Deadline 18 January 2019

Sheffield Doc/Fest
Facebook: @sheffdocfest
Twitter: @sheffdocfest
Apply here

Exhibition Opportunity

Stranger than Fiction - Call for Exhibition

Accepted media: Photography, Digital Graphic, Digital Visual Design Take part in the Group Exhibition in Rome, Italy in May 2019. Artists are invited to submit 1 to 3 artworks addressing the theme.

The will of man in recreating worlds through which to plunge and surprise him self has always been witnessed through the means dedicated to art. Especially today, with photography and new digital media, not only the artists but any individual, has available means that allow us to recreate fictional reality more and more illusory and more easily.
The present call, on the contrary, proposes to collect works that are able to surprise us through aspects belonging to the real world. Often the reality we perceive of the world, of an environment, situation, person, etc., reveals an unusual dissimilarity from the normal, overcoming our fantasies and becoming motive not only for perplexity, even of singular interest, curiosity and surprise.

Deadline 7 February 2019

Twitter: @LoosenArt
Facebook: @loosenart

Exhibition Opportunity

OF 2019: Green, Post-Human and AI Exhibition Opportunity

This year's RIXC Art Science Festival 2019 is centered on the theme of green, providing a cross-disciplinary platform for the discussions and artistic interventions exploring one of the most pervasive and broadest topics of our times. The festival will feature the “Green” exhibition opening, taking place in the National Museum of Art, and the 4th Open Fields conference on “Green, Post-Human, and AI”. 

'Green’, symbolically associated with the ‘natural’ and employed to hyper-compensate for what humans have lost, needs to be addressed as the most anthropocentric of all colours, in its inherent ambiguity between alleged naturalness and artificiality. Are we in control of ‘green’? Despite its broadly positive connotations, ‘green’ incrementally serves the uncritical desire of fetishistic and techno-romantic naturalization in order to metaphorically hyper-compensate for indeed material systemic biopolitics consisting of the increasing technical manipulation and exploitation of living systems, ecologies, and the biosphere at large. (Jens Hauser, “Green” concept, 2018)

Deadline 15 February 2019

Facebook: RIXC Center for New Media Culture
Twitter: @rixcriga

Artist in Residence

OPEN CALL 2019 Art Residency ECHANGEUR22

ECHANGEUR22 launches its 5rd edition of art residence. The residency will host 4 residents simultaneously minimum prioritising French, Japanese, Brazilian and South Korean candidates. E22 provides artists or groups of artists from different cultures and disciplines with technical means to create and produce new art, conduct original research, and engage with the public through presentations that showcase the various stages of the creative process leading up to a finished work.

Deadline 28 February 2019

Apply Here


The Kelpies Illustration Prize

Are you an artist or illustrator based in Scotland? Do you have a passion for kids books? Then the Kelpies Illustration Prize is for you!
This year, we’re asking you to submit five illustrations for a children’s book on the theme of fables.
The judges will be looking for imaginative interpretations, dynamic compositions and fully realised characters – both human and animal. You might find inspiration from existing fables from around the world, or new fables that you’ve created.

Deadline 28 February 2019

Kelpies/Floris Books
Facebook: @DiscoverKelpies
Twitter: @DiscoverKelpies

Artist in Residence

2019 Summer Teacher Residency

A ten day residency for current art educators, designed to refresh and reinvigorate their studio practice. The 2019 residency will be open to educators interested in several disciplines, divided into two courses exploring the areas of 2D processes, including drawing, painting and printmaking and contemporary craft, including ceramics, glass and jewelry and metals.

Deadline 1 March 2019

Cleveland Institute of Art
Facebook: @ciaceco
Twitter: @CleInstituteArt

Prizes and Awards

The Ivan Juritz Prize 2019

We are delighted to announce that the 2019 Ivan Juritz prize is now open for entries from postgraduates enrolled on a programme anywhere in Europe. The prize has expanded: this year there will be a winner for each category: text, image, sound. The three winners will each receive £1000 and a residency at Cove Park.
This year’s deadline is 29 March 2019 and the prize is judged by Gillian Wearing, Rachel Cusk, Jeremy Harding, and Ryan Wigglesworth.

Deadline 29 March 2019

Centre for Modern Literature and Culture, King's College London
Facebook: @CovePark
Twitter: @IvanJuritzPrize

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