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ArtRabbit provides a free platform for you to showcase your organisation, exhibitions, and the artists you represent to art enthusiasts all over the world.

You’ve nurtured artists and curators, and have made a home for creatives and their corresponding exhibitions. Now it’s time to get the word out and get audiences in. That’s what we’re here for. With ArtRabbit, you’ll be amazed by the amount of organic traffic your events can generate.

Organisation Checklist

Organisations on ArtRabbit include art organisations of any scale, galleries, project spaces, artist-run spaces, cultural organisations and educational organisations. If you’re one of the above, make the most of ArtRabbit and be sure to do all of the following:

Sign up for an account ✔️

Sign up here, or find out more about us here.

Read our Community Guidelines ✔️

Our Community Guidelines are an important code of conduct for maintaining a safe, useful and welcoming platform for all.

List or claim your organisation ✔️

Use the search bar to find your organisation on ArtRabbit. If it exists, go to its dedicated organisation page and click on the ‘claim’ button, then follow the prompts.

If your organisation or venue is not yet on ArtRabbit, you can list the venue here.

Verify your organisation page ✔️

If you're creating your organisation page, be sure to tick "Yes" under the questions "Are you the owner or administrator of the venue?"
If your organisation has already been added, you'll need to claim it to verify it.

Make sure you're logged into ArtRabbit using an email address associated with your organisation, then simply navigate to your organisation page, click "Claim - Claim this organisation", fill in the short form and click "Next".

After this is complete, we'll verify your organisation so that it'll get a snazzy green check badge on its page, a feature that will make it more popular among our users.

List your events ✔️

Have an event coming up? List the event here, or navigate to your dedicated organisation page on ArtRabbit and click on the “add event” button. By adding an event from your organisation page, the location details will be pre-filled.

If your event is taking place in London, the UK, Berlin, or New York, (more locations to come!) we’ll include them in our weekly location-specific newsletters. Every listed exhibition is considered, no matter how small, so make sure your events and exhibitions are on the ArtRabbit platform.

List your festival, biennale or art week ✔️

Organising a festival, biennial, art week or any other type of umbrella event that's taking place across several venues? Here's how to can use ArtRabbit to your advantage: First, list your main event with as much information as possible. Then, list all related events at their respective art venues. You'll see an option to "Add related event" for each event you add. Start typing in the name of your main event, then select your main event from the dropdown and confirm the relation by clicking the "Relate" button. We'll take care of the rest.

Want this feature to work even harder for your event? We can create a branded web and app feature for your entire events programme with custom branding and optimised map functionality. Get a quote now by contacting us at

Add online events ✔️

You can add online events either from an organisation page or from "Add an Event" in the main menu.

To add online events from an organisation, select "Online", then fill out the details as you would normally. To add online events from the main menu, select "Online", then either continue as the host or find the organisation that is hosting the event. If the organisation doesn't appear in the dropdown, you can add the new organisation to ArtRabbit, then create the online event. Fill out the details as you would normally, and publish the event. Be sure to add instructions on how to join the event, even if it's simply opening up a website.

Boost your events ✔️

Looking to get more traffic through your doors and more buzz about your events? You can now boost your events to get them listed on our city-specific featured list of exhibitions and events.

Add calls to action ✔️

If you’re looking to direct audiences to a website where you sell tickets, memberships, books, prints etc, or even if you’re not selling anything, you can add up to three Calls-to-Action on your event page to prompt page visitors to click through to your site.

Link to and promote your ArtRabbit profile with our logos and badges ✔️

To help you link to and promote your ArtRabbit profile, we have created badges you can add to your website, online portfolio, or newsletters. Don’t underestimate the influence you have over your own network: by directing more traffic to your ArtRabbit profile, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of our targeted emails as well as the upcoming and suggested events function. More information on ArtRabbit logos and badges here.

Subscribe to our newsletters ✔️

Newsletters go out every Wednesday and cover new exhibitions and events for eight consecutive days. Find out what’s happening at other venues and galleries in London, throughout the UK, Berlin or New York and be in the know. You can subscribe to our newsletters here.

Download the App ✔️

The ArtRabbit App is the best way to discover art exhibitions near you, find out what’s the most popular shows in your city and keep track of your own cultural exposure. With an interactive map and the ability to save events you’re interested in, it’s the perfect app to help you uncover the cultural riches around you.

We also publish featured lists on the App every season, so be sure to add your events to be considered for this spot.

Download the ArtRabbit app for iPhone or Android.

Connect with us on Social Media ✔️

Connect with us on social media for art news, industry insights, art travel suggestions, updates on new services and features, and more. This is ArtRabbit on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. (Top tip: we love retweeting your events from ArtRabbit!)

Submit your ArtOpps ✔️

Our Artist Opportunity board reaches about 5000 unique viewers per week and is the best way to get the quality submissions you’re after. If you’re looking to publish your open call, fill out this form to be considered.

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