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Our love of art extends to many cities around the world. But the world is very big, and our team is very small.

Currently, we editorially support London, Berlin, New York and Los Angeles, so you’ll always be able to find up-to-date event information in these cities. For everywhere else, we rely on the local art communities worldwide to populate ArtRabbit with events.

Help us help others discover art

Have an event you know about that’s not currently listed? You can add it to ArtRabbit and help it get more exposure while enabling art lovers to find more art. Have friends or colleagues who organise art events? Tell them about ArtRabbit so they can reap the benefits of listing their events with us.

Help others discover an entire city full of art

The cities we cover are all cities our team members are based in or familiar with. To onboard more cities, we need people like you who are local to the scene to help our users find art. You can become an ArtRabbit City Scout and help the art in your community thrive. City Scouts also get other benefits, such as free passes to museums and galleries.

From City Scout to City Planner

For those who want to do more, become an ArtRabbit City Planner, and you’ll be in charge of ensuring that an entire city on ArtRabbit is up to date with art events. Not only will you be making art more accessible to more people and helping art in your community gain more exposure, but you’ll also have the chance to make money by running city-specific newsletters and forging partnerships with arts organisations in your area. Plus, free press passes to art events and earning a following on social media with our help isn’t half bad, either.

Would you like to help out by becoming an ArtRabbit Scout or City Planner?
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Which city should we onboard next?

Onboarding new cities takes up a lot of our resources, so we want to make sure our next city is somewhere we can make a difference, where there’ll be demand. Fill out the form to help us decide where we should be onboarding next, and let us know if you’re interested in becoming an ArtRabbit Scout or City Planner.

Which city should we onboard next?
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