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Welcome to Hull

ArtRabbit was invited to a trip to Hull, the UK City of Culture 2017, to view key exhibitions and new gallery developments featured in the City of Culture programme. Annette Rotz documented her highlights for you.

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Art to See by Aaron Cezar

Supporting artistic process is a central aim of Delfina’s residency programme. As Director, I am interested in how such processes - from research to distribution - can be a way of recording and (re)writing history. 

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Hello 2017! Condo, Skulptur Projekte, documenta and more unmissable shows

A new year means thousands of new exhibitions all over the globe are waiting for you to explore them. Judging by the sheer quantity – from Condo to the Venice Biennale - 2017 will be a good year for art and contemporary visual culture. 

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