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Daniel Hug on Art Cologne

Art Cologne is the world’s oldest art fair and will be celebrating its 49th edition this coming week. This city and fair is seeped with art history and ArtRabbit had the pleasure to ask the fair’s Director, Daniel Hug about the fair and where to discover emerging art within the city. 

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Why I Am So Angry: Q&A with Fedja Klikovac

Currently on view at Handel Street Projects is a new exhibition by Bob and Roberta Smith entitled, 'Why I Am So Angry' which is an exhibition against the UK government's attacks on the arts. 
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Upward Mobility: Q&A with Debora Delmar

Modern Art Oxford has just opened an exhibition entitled Upward Mobility by Mexico City based artist Debora Delmar who works under the corporate alter ego Debora Delmer Corp. Working with sculpture, video and installation Upward Mobility consists of immersive environments that reflect how commodity, lifestyle and branding reflect our visual surrounds and our concept of self.

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