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19 Jun 2018

Two wars and no satisfaction: The Coffin Jump and In Search of Dinozord

The interpretation of art, much like the interpretation of anything, is a comparative practice. The Coffin Jump by Katrina Palmer and In Search of Dinozord by Faustin Linyekula reviewed in tandem creates a new dynamic about art concerning war. 

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10 May 2018

Guide to the Best Contemporary Art Shows in Europe this Summer

If you’re lucky enough to be doing a bit of vacationing in Europe this summer, or even if you’re just in town for work and have some time in between meetings, we wanted to share with you our favourites from across the continent.

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01 May 2018

International Workers’ Day: Art and Labour

Art often gets categorized as an autonomous sphere of existence outside of capital, but art, like all culture, is a product of its environment. Yet art has the tendency to be critical of its environment, exposing the absurdity and violence that the system in authority espouses.

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