What to see during Art-O-Rama: Q&A with director Jérôme Pantalacci

Created in 2007, ART-O-RAMA is the first international art fair in the South of France, and has developed a fairly unique exhibition format. 

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A month of independent art: The Project Space Festival

Berlin counts more than 150 project spaces, and remains one of the most active and experimental art scenes in Europe. 

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The Fantasy of Representation

What counts is seeing, coupled with fantasy, with imagination... - Josef Albers

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2 days ago

CRiSAP are pleased to be involved with the National Gallery's first Late Event this September, themed on the exhibition Soundscapes.Iris Garrelfs and John Kannenberg will be presenting and performing ...


2 weeks ago

I go every year, it is a fabulous exhibition.  get there early if you are buying.


2 weeks ago

I've seen Yedam Ann's work in South Korea. She does pretty much everything from vids to photography. Unique stuff. Looking forward to life's next adventure for her