Witnessing Change: UK Exhibitions on Climate, Ecology & Political Upheaval

10 Apr 2024

by Suzie Jones

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Looking for exhibitions that stimulate debate and discussion? Current and upcoming exhibitions in UK cities are tackling big subjects with nuance and artistic flair. Read on to find the artists and institutions exploring the climate, ecology and politics near you.

Exhibitions across the UK are exploring our societies in the age of climate crisis and hyper-capitalism. From land rights to rising sea levels, these exhibitions are a survey of the most pressing concerns of our current times. Far from offering a bleak view, however, many exhibitions propose sustainable ways to live well into the future.

Planet Ocean at The Box, Plymouth

Planet Ocean looks at how we can study, use and take inspiration from familiar waters to play a part in a global movement to safeguard the sea. The exhibition uses the overarching themes of plankton, pollution, people and planet to share facts, key findings, objects and stories; inspiring hope in the face of the climate crisis and empowering everyone who visits to become ocean advocates.

Free Admission.

Tatiana Wolska: Leisure as Resistance at Midlands Art Centre, Birmingham

Describing herself as a 'junk collector', Tatiana Wolska breathes new life into discarded plastic bottles, salvaged timber, rusty nails, and foam from old mattresses, transforming these once-polluting materials into captivating sculptures. Throughout the exhibition’s run, Balsall Heath repair café will be on hand to fix your old electrical items and textiles.

Free Admission.

You Get a Car [Everybody Gets a Car]: RESOLVE Collective at Tate Liverpool + RIBA North, Liverpool

RESOLVE has been working with communities across Liverpool to redistribute and reuse material from Tate Liverpool's site on the Albert Dock. Their work aims to create a sustainable legacy of redistribution in Liverpool which has a positive, long-term impact for the climate and creative aims of community organisations across Liverpool. Explore interactive installations created by RESOLVE Collective both in Tate Liverpool + RIBA North and just outside the entrance in the Winter Garden.

Free Admission.

The Garden of Delights on Earth at Gallery 46, London

The Garden of Delights on Earth features 19 women and non-binary artists whose work addresses the need for action during the current climate crisis. Bringing together artists who work with live performance, film, print, textile, sculpture and installation, the artworks on show offer a new lens with which to tackle environmental sustainability in the Anthropocene.

Free Admission.

A G E N D A Project 1: Yevheniia Laptii, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge

At the time of the Russian invasion, artist Yevheniia Laptii was living in a village near Kharkiv, which became Russian-occupied territory. Travelling via Moscow, the artist eventually returned to Ukraine in the autumn of 2022. ‘Deti’ responds to this moment in the artist’s life, inspired by a photograph she took on her return to the ‘deoccupied’ territories.

Free Admission.

Frieda Toranzo Jaeger: A future in the light of darkness, Modern Art Oxford

Frieda Toranzo Jaeger’s intricately embroidered multi-panel paintings remix iconography from western art history with indigenous techniques to subvert and challenge dominant power structures and historical narratives. Using recurring imagery of queer love making, lush tropical greenery and brightly coloured flora, intermixed with symbols of corporate power – the car, the engine, and the spacecraft – she invites us to think critically about the potential for an alternative future beyond colonialism and hyper capitalism.

Free Admission.

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