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ArtRabbit has created a place for you to promote your exhibitions and events, connect with other art professionals, and build a follower base of ArtRabbit users.

We’re well aware, as you likely are, that the ivory tower of institutionalised, sanctioned art is difficult to enter. The reality of this is a long stretch from Joseph Beuys’ idyllic claim that everyone is an artist. Somewhere between these two extremes is the idea that accessibility and opportunity should be available for even those with minimal amounts of resources. Somewhere between, there should be a bridge.

This is why ArtRabbit was created. We all know art is hard, but access to promotional resources and the ability to walk through the gated community of art shouldn’t be. We’re a strong believer of open source tools to better the lives of artists, art lovers, enthusiasts, theorists, writers, and professionals alike. With ArtRabbit, you’ll see how much easier it is to walk through that door.

Artist Checklist

Make the most of ArtRabbit and be sure to do all of the following:

Sign up for an account ✔️

Sign up here, or find out more about us here.

Read our Community Guidelines ✔️

Our Community Guidelines are an important code of conduct for maintaining a safe, useful and welcoming platform for all.

List your events and organisations ✔️

You can list upcoming, current and even past events on ArtRabbit. While listing your event functions as a powerful marketing tool, it can also act as a handy digital portfolio of your shows.

Have an event you want the world to know about? List the event here. If the organisation or venue where your event is being held is not on ArtRabbit, list the venue here.

It’s completely free to list events and organisations on ArtRabbit, and we don’t do anything creepy with your data. Once listed, your event will be available to all of our users online and on the ArtRabbit App.

We publish seasonal editorial picks of our favourite shows, which will be highlighted on our app, through our website, and through our social feeds. Every listed exhibition is considered, no matter how small, so make sure your events and exhibitions are on the ArtRabbit platform.

Add yourself as an artist to your events ✔️

When listing events, be sure to add yourself as an artist under the “Extras” heading. If your name on your user account is the same as your artist name, simply type your name in the “Artist” field, and your name will pop up. Click “Relate”, and the event will now appear on your artist profile page.

Add online events ✔️

You can add online events either from an organisation page or from "Add an Event" in the main menu.

To add online events from an organisation, select "Online", then fill out the details as you would normally. To add online events from the main menu, select "Online", then either continue as the host or find the organisation that is hosting the event. If the organisation doesn't appear in the dropdown, you can add the new organisation to ArtRabbit, then create the online event. Fill out the details as you would normally, and publish the event. Be sure to add instructions on how to join the event, even if it's simply opening up a website.

Boost your events ✔️

Looking to get more traffic through your doors and more buzz about your events? You can now boost your events to get them listed on our city-specific featured list of exhibitions and events.

Add calls to action ✔️

If you’re looking to direct audiences to a website where you sell tickets, memberships, books, prints etc, or even if you’re not selling anything, you can add up to three Calls-to-Action on your event page to prompt page visitors to click through to your site.

Link to and promote your ArtRabbit profile with our logos and badges ✔️

To help you link to and promote your ArtRabbit profile, we have created badges you can add to your website or online portfolio. Don’t underestimate the influence you have over your own network: by directing more traffic to your ArtRabbit profile, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of our targeted emails as well as the upcoming and suggested events function. More information about ArtRabbit logos and badges here.

Subscribe to our newsletters ✔️

UK, London, Berlin and New York newsletters go out every Wednesday and cover new exhibitions and events for eight consecutive days. To be included in one of our newsletters, submit your exhibition or event by Tuesday evening before your opening. You can subscribe to the ArtRabbit newsletters here.

Download the ArtRabbit App ✔️

The ArtRabbit App is the best way to discover art exhibitions near you, find out what’s the most popular shows in your city and keep track of your own cultural exposure. With an interactive map and the ability to save events you’re interested in, it’s the perfect app to keep you artistically motivated. Download the ArtRabbit app for iPhone or Android.

Connect with us on Social Media ✔️

Connect with us on social media for art news, industry insights, art travel suggestions, updates on new services and features, and more. This is ArtRabbit on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. (Top tip: we love retweeting your events from ArtRabbit!)

Check for ArtOpps ✔️

Check out Artist Opportunity pages for open calls to take your career further. Be sure to visit this page regularly so that you never miss out on any opportunities that might be relevant to you. We vet every opportunity we post to ensure nothing scammy ever gets published on our platform.

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