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In the past years, my practice has been influenced heavily by the concept of play, interactivity, and ludic experiences. Most of the work that I do follows this law of nature. This is mainly because I have found that play creates an inclusive and personal environment for the individual. Where the lines that separate art and public banish, engagement is often guaranteed. By creating a “magic circle,” the spectator feels free to explore and to be astonished by curiosity. Moreover, I usually act as a facilitator, performing as the game master, I encourage people to interact and feel free with the artwork. Despite my technical abilities, play is my medium. Last year I attempted to create an “ideal world” based on my concerns for humanity. The utopia stumbles upon various problems, just by the simple premise of “what is good for you, is bad for others”. Creating a world that is just for all a world where everyone and everything is included, is fundamentally impossible, at least not in this mentality. I needed to have a better understanding of humanity before anything, and the result of this research is the “Human Thing” book.

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