Part of events on ArtRabbit in: London Rayvenn Shaleigha D'Clark is a London-born, UK based sculptor, living and working in Central London; Self-taught in Lifecasting, Prosthetics, VFX and Make-up Artist. Young, female, creative professional, with extensive Fine-Art background, supporting academic qualifications and exhibition experience. Currently ganged in a Full-Time 1-year MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, having previously graduated from a 3-year BA Fine Art Degree at Chelsea, UAL & a 1-year Fine Art Foundation course at Central Saint Martins. ----- My work explores the ‘playful’ theatricality of sculpture with an extended analysis on the material quality of sculptural objects in a larger discussion of ‘Objecthood’. Here, I attempt to explore the characteristics of art-making following the affirmation of media; examining sculptures similarities to the act of 'sport' in an increasingly technologically underpinned society. There is a playful duality in the act of sculpture - in its ability to delve into the space between imitation and reality - whilst simultaneously usurping the original. Combining such duality with the curatorial considerations of the materials critical and vital relationship with space in its (ultimate) pursuit of ‘presence’, this has seen my work becoming embedded in the everyday, collective experience. My work exposes the black body laid bare - in traction, unencumbered. My oeuvre is motivated by personal commentary surrounding issues inherent to the African diaspora - including topics such as invisibility vs. hyper-visibility, reductionism and blackness - engages in the lager discussion of the persisting 'outsider' position of black artists and the fragile ‘balance of power’ that exists between the museums/private galleries/collections and the artists who seek to modify long-standing institutional narratives.

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