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Nik Anikis decided to become a painter when he was 5 years old. He is a classically trained painter with a Master’s degree in painting and two finished academies and 11 years of art schooling. He stands for High-quality work and clear and positive instructions.

He articulates through artworks deep reflections of battles and screaming contrasts inside of a person. He is inspired by technical perfection and subtle expression of the beauty of a human body, which with his poetry expresses great spectre of emotions and truths. The dialogue between the observer and the paintings is simple and direct as the visual language is anchored in figurative realism which easily conveys deeper messages to the individual.

During his 25 years long career he was many times awarded for his work, including by prestige organisation Art Renewal Center in New York. He exhibited in Salmagunda Art Club New York, European Museum of Modern Art Barcelona, etc.

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