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Ole Nieling (1987) is an interdisciplinary 'life-style' artist. He playfully researches the tension amongst the fields he is expert in: music, visual art, performance, new media and craftsmanship. To find new angles and continuously challenge his own abilities, he mixes these known fields with disciplines he is not yet familiar with. An example is when he started an apprenticeship in November 2017 in recorder building. These mixtures result in a diverse body of work with as common denominator the mentality that: Instead of accepting predetermined notions (the famous "It's just the way it is"), one could also wonder why things are the way they are. Elements of daily-life are integrated seamlessly into artistry, at times into the extreme, such as when Ole lived in the forests of Norway for 6 months researching the relationship between modern humans and old environments. Even though this may appear as very personal, the aim of his work always remains clear and relatable to the observer. As a result the discrepancy amongst perspectives both concerning the role of art in today's world and different already existing disciplines is reduced, resulting in new possibilities for both the audience and the artist.

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