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Nellya is an artist, art manager, and curator from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. She graduated from ArtEast School of Contemporary Art (Kyrgyzstan). Studied at the Leadership Program for Art-Managers by CEC Arts-Link in the USA nx took part in Academy for Art Managers by Goethe Institute (Uzbekistan and Germany). She is the director of the Capacity Building Foundation that focused on the promotion of art and education. Since 2010, she curates exhibitions and educational projects in the field of contemporary art, film and music. Among her projects are Trash-festival, Trash-festival II, First Youth Central Asian exhibition of Contemporary art in Bishkek “Vkl/Vykl,” Live Cinema, Cinema Camp, Advertisement Break, Eco Bashtyk, Future Shorts Festival, Global Art and Music Festival “Kol Fest”.

Nellya participated as an artist in a number of the exhibitions: Bishkek Design Festival (award in nomination “Mother of glamour”); First of April Contemporary Art Competition “Advertisement break” (won the prize place, group work); First of April Contemporary Art Competition “In context” (award in nomination “In context” , group work). She took part in the exhibitions: Open Museum by Electromuseum (Moscow), Broadway Rebirth; Ecology of Life; First of April Contemporary Art Competition “Self- educator KG”; Art Positive; Week of Francophone. Art-experiment “Eifel Tower in all views”; 4th Bishkek International contemporary art exhibition “Bum Bum”; International contemporary art exhibition “Post for Kyrgyzstan.” One of the group art works called “Escape from freedom” presented in Gwangju Biennale (South Korea).

Bishkek City Hall awarded Nellya for the Distinguished Service.

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