Like A Little Disaster

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Part of events on ArtRabbit in: Polignano A Mare, London, Torre Santa Susanna

Like a little disaster is a no-based collective-run project. L.A.L.D. refuses the idea to be confined in an only one space and uses all possible locations, without any foreclosure, as object of action and investigation. Meaning making is an activity that occurs through the interaction with historical and cultural sedimentations of the space of our interventions in order to adopt a strategy whereby the social frame does not so much ‘surround’ as much as it becomes essential part of each project. We are committed to producing, realizing and presenting provisional projects, highly contingent upon the immediate environment and that can provide possible alternatives or meaningful proposals to the various economic, political, social conditions and to everyday lived experiences in the “territory” of our interventions. We promote artistic collaboration, exploration and experimentation across different cultural contexts and viewing publics. Our mission is simply to provide an alternative; a different context in which artists can experiment, trying to extend outward the relationships and interconnections that it generates, from the individual to the global level. We have an ongoing organization structure. We are always willing to welcome new ideas, and collaborations.

Exhibitions and Events