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Andy Reeve is a contemporary artist currently drifting along the city walls and down the alleyways in Norwich, England. Reeve’s iconoclastic urges are manifested through his canvases; however a deep sense of compassion and humour often belies the destruction. The majority of his paintings comprise of found objects and cut-out pieces of canvas sometimes mounted on wires. Inspired by the Dada artists of the early 20c, as well as the techniques used by Matisse, Fontana, and the author William Burroughs, the cup-up method also known as découper inspire these unique paintings. Sculptural works include Symphony in D (Major) - currently one of the works featured on the screen in the Saatchi gallery London, and No Shelter: Mother without Child exhibited in the Correspondence exhibition held alongside the Moore in Focus: A Friendship in Letters exhibition at the world renowned Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. A firm believer in dismissing the attitudes of the lifestyle police, Reeve knows the clock is always ticking: Don't die before you die. Play like you mean it.

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