Cecil Sharp House

London, United Kingdom


  • 2 Regent's Park Road
  • London NW1 7AY
  • United Kingdom

Opening times

9.30am - 5.30pm daily, plus regular evening and weekend events. Cafe and Bar open until 11pm Tues - Sun.

Travel Information

Tube / Metro: Camden Town
Bus: 274


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A world-class dedicated folk arts centre, Cecil Sharp House is at the heart of English folk. 

With a unique history stretching back to 1930, the venue - owned and managed by theEnglish Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) - is a memorial to the folk music and dance collector Cecil Sharp. Vibrant and diverse, Cecil Sharp House exists to serve its wide and diverse audiences, engaging with art lovers (oft times folk art lovers) through unique and inspiring artistic events, and creative learning. 

The iconic Grade II listed building is home to EFDSS and the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, England's national collection of folk music and dance.

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