Antwerp, Belgium


  • Kielsevest 23-25
  • Antwerp
  • Flanders
  • 2018
  • Belgium


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BODEM is a venue which gathers three different structures : Brandt vzw, AIR Antwerpen and Studio Start. The three organizations meet and work in relation with the neighborhood.

BODEM welcomes everyone, the (inter) national residents who live there, art and nature lovers, and tourists from far or near. BODEM is an initiative of Studio Start and AIR Antwerp and is organized by Brandt vzw. With the financial support of the city of Antwerp

AIR Antwerpen is an international visual artists residency which runs an exhibition space called the Living Room. 

AIR Antwerpen is centered around the contemporary artistic practice and focuses on individual artistic needs of the emerging visual artist. The organisation guides the artist in a process-based project, with time and space as a premise for a site-specific and contextual practice.

Exhibiting Artists