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London, United Kingdom


  • Highline Building
  • 10 Steedman Street
  • London SE17 3AF
  • United Kingdom

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By appointment only: 07889 863 803


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aumoji is an artist space located in Elephant + Castle, London (UK). It explores concerns surrounding community and neighbourhood it engages intellectually, digitally and physically around stimulating conversation about it’s locality but also the nature of the acme space from where it is based: What is the space? What is its relationship to the space?  How does this space fit into the neighbourhood? How does the neighbourhood relate to the space?


As part of it’s programme, methods of production and / or post - production and methods of dissemination are key to how it resolves, provokes, captivates. Ideas surrounding institution and anti - institution form an important of it’s discourse, most notably the value of such places. It operates between being a situated space for discussion, but also a place for happenings which range from film screenings, informal cooking + eating, to also production based workshops and panel discussions. 

aumoji works collaboratively with other local art spaces and educational institutions based in the London Borough of Southwark as part of its remit, and seeks to promote a range of alternative methods of working, most notably digital platforms as a method of publication.