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01 Feb 2019

Singapore – Where to go, art to see. Listing image by Su-en Wong - Girls and Hearts 2009

Singapore – Where to go, art to see

Last week, we headed to the other side of the world to experience Singapore Art Week, an annual celebration of this island’s vibrant art scene. Tropical and culturally blooming, this city-state showcases its vast array of talent and its depth of both traditional and contemporary arts in a week-long event that connects all corners of its geography.

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08 Jan 2019

Hello 2019! Biennials, Art Weeks, and Art Exhibitions to look forward to

Hello 2019! Biennials, Art Weeks, and Exhibitions

Welcome to 2019, art lovers and friends! You made it through another year, and now you have nothing but the tranquil expanse of the year ahead of you, unmarked by the claws of untamed time. Now let’s change that. Let’s fill your year with art events, because the right events will make this year your most dazzling yet.

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