Nathan Bendavid



Originally from Paris, Nathan Bendavid moved to London in 2010 to study Fine Art at the Chelsea College of Art and Design.


A fervent collector of images, books and magazines, I often tap into my visual archive and proceed to improvisationally cut, tear and glue.

The selection process of source material is at the centre of my practice: I gather non-artistic, often overlooked, topical books that cover a broad range of specific subjects: from Ancient Greece, to precious gems and outer space: all stories can be re-invented and brought into a contemporary context.

Heavily intuition-led, the medium of collage allows for jazz-like improvisation on paper.

When it’s time to make work, I sift through source material and start cutting things out; combining disparate images to transform them into an accomplished singular whole.

When the image finally fulfils the desired balance, I feel something – and I hope you do too.