Michael Garvey




I started painting in 1991 inspired by my mums friend, though wheel chair bound with MS still painted. And then went on to study fine art and sculpture at Walthamstow Art College East London between 1995 - 1997.

College opened up my mind showing me the possibility of art to express myself. Art has taken me to places far and wide… From the south coast of England and Cornwall to Barcelona and Paris and America, and taking part in exhibitions in America and London.

My inspiration comes from many aspects of life and culture and the things I see around me…From brightly coloured advertisements to a new modern way of painting still life which also gives me the freedom to express my true feelings about the environment and my personal view of all life. Iam very much an eclectic artist’ I really don’t like to ‘Box Myself’ into one particular style or medium. My own eclecticism comes from a very open minded view of art and painting in whatever way I feel expresses the mood I’m in, exploring all avenues towards making art.

I’ve recently branched out into Art therapy volunteering for multiple scoroiss. I’ve also began a Career as writer as another creative outlet for myself..