Minnie Weisz


Minnie Weisz has developed a photographic practice that simultaneously documents the interior and exterior of rooms by turning them into a camera obscura. Often working in abandoned and forgotten interiors across Europe, each room is a reflection of a past in the present, a witness to history, the changing landscape of the city and the shifting of time. Over the years she has photographed camera obscura and made film work. She describes the camera obscura method as “the key which unlocks a dialogue between interior and exterior worlds”. In this way two worlds collide, new spaces are opened up, each reflected in the other. The rooms become the eyes to the city.

Minnie Weisz studied Communication, Art and Design at the Royal College of Art and The London College of Printing. She has exhibited in London, The Netherlands and Croatia: at Art Rotterdam 2014, Kunstliefde Utrecht 2014; Van Kranendonk Gallery, The Hague 2014; Gallery Makina, Pula Film Festival, Croatia, 2013; and The London Film Museum, 2013. Her camera obscura works are published in Photography Portfolio by John Ingeldew and Lorenz Gullaschen, Lawrence King 2013; 100 Ideas that changed Photography by Mary Warner Marien, Lawrence King 2012; and '100 Visual Ideas' by John Ingeldew, Lawrence King 2011.