Kevin Blockley




Kevin is a an archaeologist who has run his own company from his farm in mid-Wales for over 20 years. He now specialise in the archaeology of cathedrals and greater churches and has worked in some of Britain's most iconic buildings. For several months each year Kevin works on his stone sculptures.

His sculptures have covered a number of themes over the years. Some recent work includes, 'Art of the Invisible' exploring microscopic forms such as diatoms, Neolithic art and 'ritual' objects, and black holes.

Kevin and his family run a small farm, grow their own organic food and run a small community The Wilderness Trust. A recent project is the building of a working Neolithic settlement and we run courses in Prehistoric arts.

Personal statement

I love the permanence of stone in art and exploring different stone types from around the world. A stone that I have become particularly fond of is Mandale limestone from Derbyshire. This stone is over 355 million years old and packed full of sea-bed fossils which lends itself well to my simple organic forms, yet is full of endless natural detail.