Kerry Challis Thomas



Kerry Challis Thomas is a transgressive artist whose practice ranges across several

mediums such as photography, video, painting and performance. Challis’s practice

explores the polluting nature of grief, abjection and personal trauma towards the

body. The artist’s body is the muse for his practice, the challenges the purpose and

order of the body through ritual practice, rebirth, and self-contamination in order to

disturb and deconstruct the identity through abjection. The notion of abjection is a

clear theme through Challis’s practice, it is clearly evident as the artist challenges

and explores the territory of abjection through transformation and self-destruction.

The artist deconstructs and disturbs the self and the body in order to present a state

of existence, the abject form. The intention of Challis’s work is to immerse himself

within abjection and recreate a territory and identity that is not bound by symbolic and social order and, truly free of the anxieties, fear and repulsion of the abject.