Joseph Wright


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Joseph is a photographer, published author and maker of books based in a semi-rural area of southern England.

Using the mediums of photography and books he reveals stories of the land and how we inhabit it, developed through his life long relationship and deep affinity with the countryside and edgelands

His work is instinctive in response to place and event. It is frequently rooted in history, toponymy and topography. He unwinds time and peels back the layers of culture and memory creating work to move beyond the simple aesthetic to reveal a deeper understanding of his subjects

Joseph can best be described as a visual narrator of the inner and outer landscapes

Joseph is also a founding member of the Inside the Outside (ITO) collective – a diverse group of photographers that commonly explore, in highly individual and personal representations of the land around them, the reality of what is before them, and also with the often unspoken ability to express something of their inner selves whilst experiencing being there in the land

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