Filip Markiewicz




Part of events on ArtRabbit in: Brussels, Londonderry, Berlin

FILIP MARKIEWICZ (1980) - Lives and works in Hamburg (DE) and Luxemburg (LU) Markiewicz is a multidisciplinary artist expressing himself through, a.o., drawing, video and installations thereby creating a coherent visual body of work using diversified media.The artist, who is always looking for explanations to our daily lives, explores the omnipresence of image and puts in perspective the message they convey. Applying criticism and a certain political twist to “the news”, he underlines the vacuity of our overproducing visual world where news becomes reality, and not the opposite. While capitalism has become an ideology and banks the new cathedrals of mass expression, Filip Markiewicz interrogates some aspects of the European populations’ discontent: social welfare, migration, wars outside our borders, religious integrism, the use of national and private wealth, the value of art as a reflection of culture. His willingness to go back to the pencil and the paper emerges from the need to use drawing as a widespread technique of expression that leaves a “real” imprint in a digitalized world of abstract evidence lead by forms and colours. Filip Markiewicz represented the Great Duchy of Luxemburg at the 56th Venice Biennale (2015) with his project “Paradiso Lussemburgo”. 2016 * Disco Oslo Euro Zero, solo exhibition, Akershus Kunstsenter Oslo, Lillestrom (NO) * Black box, Casino Luxembourg, Contemporary art centre, Luxemburg (LU) * Silence is louder than a revolution, solo exhibition, C+N Canepaneri, Milan (IT° * Making love with your ego, solo exhibition, Aeroplastics contemp., Brussels (BE) * Forever, group exhibition, Bubox art centre, Kortrijk (BE) 2015 * Discopolitik theater, playwith Luc Schiltz & Josée Hansen, Monodrama Festival (LU) * Dark Ages, group exhibition, Aeroplastics contemporary, Brussels (BE) * Tous pour tous, group exhibition, Les Chiroux, Liège (BE) Curator Anja Bücherl * Biennale d'art contemporain Hybride3 2015 - Douai (FR) * Paradiso Lussemburgo, 56th Venice Biennale 2015, curated by Paul Ardenne, organized by Mudam, Venice (IT) * Solo project at Art Brussels 2015, Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels (BE) * Humble me, group exhibition, Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels (BE) 2014 * The remarkable lightness of being, group show, Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels (BE) * High hopes, group show, Delphine Ract Madoux, Paris (FR) * Fail collective show curated by Josée Hansen at Gallery Nosbaum & Reding (LU) * Le Retour du Plombier Polonais solo show at Centre d'Art Nei Liicht - Dudelange (LU) * Angste Povera collective show at Carré Rotondes (LU) * Artist Residency at Fondation Biermans Lapôtre Paris (FR) 2013 * Birds new serie of drawings exposed at Espace BGL BNP Paribas (LU) * Romantic Hierarchy 2 video loop project - Carré Rotondes (LU) * Rebondissement drawing show - I Love my Job, Caroline Smulders - Paris (FR) * Romantic Hierarchy drawing at Ricochet collective show - Galerie Municipale Vitry-sur-Seine - Paris (FR) 2012 * You are an image Drawings solo exhibition - Ministry of Culture in Luxembourg (LU) * Art Paris 2012 - beaumontpublic (FR) * Silentio Delicti solo exhibition - Abbaye de Neumünster (LU) 2011 * I've dreamt about - Museum of Modern Art Grand-Duc Jean Luxembourg (LU) * International Portrait Biennale Interbifep - Tuzla (BH) * Sacrifice Bank solo exhibition – beaumontpublic gallery – (LU) * I like democracy but democracy doesn’t like me drawings installation & performance at 2D / 3D collective exhibition – galerie Joseph - I love my Job, Caroline Smulders - Paris (FR) 2010 * Divine Democracy video drawing installation at Expo Gelle Fra (LU) * Presenting Banque de Tolérance drawing at Fiac Paris Art Fair (FR) at beaumontpublic gallery * Dreaming Golden Lady - video live performance Luxembourg Pavilion , Expo Shanghai (CY) * MadeInferno installation – Moving Worlds Triennale (LU) * Alterviolence solo exhibition & performance – beaumontpublic gallery (LU) * Reality Now group exhibition - Concentart – Berlin (DE) 2009 * Kunstmesse - video drawing installation - Eglise St. Pierre-aux-Nonnains , Nominated for Robert Schuman Prize – Metz (FR) * Raftside Live performance with Sylvia Camarda at Euroszene Festival - Leipzig (DE) * ARCO – Madrid Art Fair – Drawings exposed by the beaumontpublic gallery (ES) 2008 * Pale Exploding Imitation – mise en scène, visual & sound performance Philharmonie – Luxembourg (LU) * Time Square – collective exhibition – beaumontpublic gallery (LU) * Disco Guantanamo at “Elo – Inner Exile, Outer Limits” – Museum of Modern Art Luxembourg (LU) * Raftside solo sound & rock performance at Fond Régional d’Art Contemporain d’Alsace – Séléstat (FR) 2007 * Empire of dirt at “Exposed for Destruction” exhibition– beaumontpublic gallery – Luxembourg (LU) 2006 * Zollzeit invited by AICA (International Art Critics Association) – Luxembourg (LU) 2004 3 x 15 minutes of success Live performance – Casino Forum d’Art Contemporain (LU) 2003 Founder of SALZINSEL Contemporary Art Magazine, with Karolina Markiewicz

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