Alex Zondro Art



Born in Germany, raised in Australia, a magical land where I developed my passion for art & fashion. In Sydney I was introduced to Dreamtime, and it has become part of my life and art. Returning to Germany, I ran my own alternative fashion business for twenty years. Making jewellery, toys, clothes & art. Interior decoration was also a passion that I could release in boutiques, clubs & window decorations. As a child I was fascinated with comics, science fiction & Indian art. I would draw and sculpt. As a teenager I was attracted to Dada, the punk movement & eastern spirituality. Art in it's many forms has always been my life, now I have dedicated myself to it completely. I had moved to a quiet town in Italy, for 3 years I focused on the screen as a psychomanteum mirror to express my visions with images that create dreams and timeless dimensions of consciousness. I have moved back to Germany. Now a permanent student of Art my work includes digital art, photography, performance art, sculpture, collage, interior design, fashion, animation & painting in oil, acrylics and pastels. "When we are born we have the capacity to love. Conceived in love, we breathe love as we once breathed blood. This love shimmers round our head like a halo of tadpoles, goes into our eyes, clears sight, travels to the mind, gives knowledge, protects us & surrounds us. We are confident and safe in the knowledge that our pilgrimage has already begun. All magic,by it’s mere nature, seeks other magic."