Angel Ito



Angel Ito aka AITO (b. 1976, USA) is a interdisciplinary artist, musician, writer, performer and art model. Ito is best known as Editor of Cock No. 7 Magazine (which he founded as a zine in 2000 ); his musical output with the Indie label he co-founded, RawKiss Records (2006-2013) and exhibiting as a painter and photographer. Trained as a dancer, with degrees in Anthropology and Dance (Alfred University, N.Y.) Ito was influenced by the underground art movements of the late 1990’s in the U.S. which inspired him to begin self publishing zines, producing his own music and artworks, and staging art shows. Ito came to London in 1999 and began concentrating on painting, developing a conceptual style featuring deconstructed figures that became central to his style.

Ito has exhibited in several group and solo shows in the New York, London, and Rome.

Angel Ito currently lives and works in London.