Agnès Pezeu


Working in a similar manner to the action painters of the 1940s, Agnès Pezeu

creates life-sized expressionistic portraits by tracing charcoal outlines and

drizzling paint over the canvas. Her full-length pieces range in palette from

monochromatic with hints of pastel to vivid, color-treated canvases darkened

with black. Pezeu’s work is performative by nature, becoming an integral part of

her creative process and the resulting artworks. Born in Paris, Pezeu continues

to live and work in her home city since she started her decades-long career in


Pezeu’s first exhibition was at the Grande Halle de la Vilette in Paris in 1989,

where she performed a live painting in The Color of the Night. Since then, she

has performed and exhibited internationally. Notable performances include

Between Arada at the Musée d’Art Moderne in Istanbul in 2003, a performance

at the Cntre d’Art Acomer in 2008, and a light and sound installation at the

Notre Dame in Paris. She has erected permanent installations at the

Luxembourg Garden and at the D’Avray Park in St. Cloud, France. Pezeu’s solo

exhibition at gallery nine5 Impressions in 2010 invited attendees to become the

subjects of Pezeu’s works. In 2013, the Condé Nast Building at 4 Times Square

showed an exhibition of Pezeu’s works.

Pezeu has painted frescos in numerous French cities in addition to completing

private commissions. Her work is held in private collections throughout Paris,

Lyon, Milan, Rome, London, Madrid, Seoul, Tokyo, Istanbul, New York, San

Francisco, Washington DC, Montreal, and Mexico. Pezeu has been featured in

numerous publications such as NY Arts magazine and Marie Claire France.

gallery nine5 has represented Agnès Pezeu exclusively since the gallery’s

opening in 2008. She has had two major solo exhibitions with the gallery, as well

as participated in multiple group exhibitions. Her 2013 solo exhibition, Flesh,

included a signature performative painting using human shadows and audience