TheBunkerGallery - Barber Shop

London, United Kingdom


  • 24 Caledonian Road
  • Islington
  • London N1 9DU
  • United Kingdom

Opening times

24 Hours

Travel Information

Tube / Metro: King's Cross Station


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TheBunkerGallery is a collaboration between artists and spaces, both enabling artists to have an on-line presence and facilitating the physical realisation of specific projects. With emphasis on working towards relating ones practice to the physical aspects of space and situation. This network of collaboration begins at, a website that links all aspects of TheBunkerGallery. From artists to spaces and events, each having their own unique site linked through; thus allowing to act as portal rather than a showcase.

Our physical space in Kings Cross, London, inhabits an isolated shop window that connects to the side of a Barbershop. This TheBunkerGallery allows for a dialogue between the space, the work and the surrounding environment. This experience will be expanded further through the addition of new spaces throughout 2009/2010.

The artists connected to TheBunkerGallery are all recent graduates and emerging artists. We have an aim to provide challenge and support in order to continue the development of their practice outside of the institution. To continue this support TheBunkerGallery has been working with the artist run space The Pigeon Wing to provide Sunday Crits a platform for the critic and discussion of art.