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London, United Kingdom


  • 15 Skyline Village
  • Top Floor
  • London
  • England
  • E14 9TS
  • United Kingdom

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THE smARTest PROJECT is a brand new ethical art organisation based in London that reveals, empowers and carefully represent intuitive, visionary and controversial Haitian artists. It instils more fairness, more originality and more diversity in the International Art scene.

Our artists live in Haiti. Despite their undeniable talent they are restricted to access the International Art market. THE smARTest PROJECT is born to stimulate more equity for these artists to be fairly revealed, recognized and rewarded for their talent as they should be.

We support emerging and established Haitian Artists in the long-term 

We raise their livelihoods. We accompany them in their personal development.  We help them to develop and realize art projects that benefit their local communities. We support their local Art Entrepreneurship. We nurture their aspirations. They fuel the decisions of the organisation.

We create a collaborative platform of experimental projects where Haitian Arts converge with International Arts

We unify visual, writing and performing arts from opposite cultures to stimulate an art that is plural, initiatic, interactive, expressive and instructive. We build art bridges between cultures. International artists from different horizons create artworks, events or products inspired from the richness of the Haitian Art scene. We find sponsorship and apply for artist residencies to stimulate international artistic exchanges and invite the creation of one-of-a-kind art works.

We diffuse Inspirational Haitian Art – The New Trend

We showcase an art that is different. Intuitive. Visionary. Controversial. Meaningful. Unique. Barely unseen. Conveyor of spiritual and symbolical messages from a very pronounced identity and very rich culture. We nurture the love and passion for a new vision of art strictly based on talent and creativity no matter the background or the origin of the artists. 

We support hidden talents to reach a global audience

We explore different options to build their repute, profile their story and present their art. We go well beyond the white cube. We curate pop-up exhibitions in art galleries, festivals, cafés, restaurants, hotels. We participate in international art fairs. We work with interior designers to embellish different homes and venues. We collaborate with entertainment organizations to place art in music events.