The Brentwood Road Gallery

Romford, United Kingdom


  • Frances Bardsley School
  • Brentwood Road
  • Romford RM1 2RR
  • United Kingdom

Opening times

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-4.30pm
Second Saturday of each month 9am-1pm

Travel Information

Tube / Metro: Or you can take The Brentwood Road Gallery walking bus- by appointment.
Train: Overground trains from Liverpool street and Stratford to Romford Station the 193 or 294 bus to Frances Bardsley School


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The Brentwood Road Gallery is located on the site of a secondary school in Romford, Essex.
The gallery offers a wide ranging exhibition and education programme. We work with local, national and international artists at all stages of their careers.
Our aims are to:
Sponsor activities to promote the understanding and appreciation of art by all members of the community.

Make art and the creative process available to those who might not otherwise have access to them through community outreach to all age groups: children, adults and seniors.

Promote opportunities for artists' growth and development.

Exhibitions and events

Exhibiting Artists