Berlin, Germany


  • 118-121 Alexandrinenstrasse
  • Berlin
  • Berlin
  • 10969
  • Germany


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PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art is an independent not-for-profit venue for inter-national contemporary art and research located in Berlin.

Situated in a two-story 200 m2 former com-munity building, every half-year PRAXES focuses in parallel on two unassociated artistic practices. By presenting consecutive exhibitions (a cycle) PRAXES investigates both broader strokes and odd corners of the practice of each artist.

Displays of older works, collaborations, performances, unfinished business, failed ideas, archives, and other material allow 
for a slow surfacing of recurring themes, materials, and methods as well as contra-dictions and productive disruptions across
a body of work.

As simultaneous outlets for the same investigation, PRAXES presents a multitude of short-term explorations, Parlors, and online material, Papers.

Exhibiting Artists