Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof





In 1842 the today’s railway station Postbahnhof was put into operation under the name ” Frankfurter Bahnhof “. Constructed as a terminus, it was rebuild to a through station at the end of 19-th century and therefor renamed as “Schlesischer Bahnhof”. In GDR times it was named « Ostbahnhof », became the central station of East Berlin and still is an important traffic junction of the capital.

At the beginning of the 20th century the large amounts of incoming and outgoing post could not be coped any more with the small post office, which was located nearby the railway station. That is why in 1907/08 a separate railway post-office, consisting of a postal service building and the real post railway station was built.

Architect in charge was the post government building surveyor Wilhelm Tuckermann (1840-1919), who was also leading for the planning and the construction of the former Postfuhramt and Haupttelegraphenamt in the Oranienburger street in Berlin Mitte. 

Very quickly the railway post-office near Ostbahnhof became one of the most significant post offices of the German Empire. After the 2nd World War the post office lost its relevance. It was strongly destroyed through the war and became only practically re-established. 

Nevertheless, the mainly unscathed post railway station was in use during the times of the inter-German separation. Only with the shifting of the letter traffic from the rails to the air and on the streets, quietness enters the area of the Postbahnhof. 

Because of its nearness to the former border stripe and the associated interest of Berlin’s government in the recreation of this historically significant area on the border of Friedrichshain to Kreuzberg, the Postbahnhof fortunately escaped decay. Ambitious urban development plans have the purpose to precipitate an interaction between the railway station and its surrounding. 

Independently from the solution that will be pushed through – the monument-protected Postbahnhof will be the emblem of the area around the railway station Ostbahnhof!