P21 Gallery

London, United Kingdom


  • 21 Chalton Street
  • London NW1 1JD
  • United Kingdom

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Wed-Sun 12-6pm

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Tube / Metro: Tube: Euston/Kings Cross St. Pancras

The P21 Gallery is an independent London-based non-profit organisation established to promote contemporary Middle Eastern and Arab identities by focusing on their art and culture with distinct focus on Palestine. The work of artists in this and in neighbouring regions is celebrated for its candor and innovation in the global art forums, however much of its manifestations cannot always find an audience in the West; such work is necessary, if not essential, to create a much needed dialogue between these artists and the wider global artistic community whose public remains increasingly interested in the art from such a complex and diversified region.

In addition to displaying contemporary works of art, the P21 Gallery will screen films and documentaries as well as experimental works from an expanded field of lens-based media, and will establish training workshops and reading groups for adults and children, aimed at encouraging a better understanding of cultural diversity.


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