ONE Project




ONE idea

We are ONE. A creative duo with an innovative approach to presenting and perceiving art. Internet, mass media, advertising, they all contribute to the number of images being sent towards us, every single day. As members of the audience we are submitted to a constant blitz of images. But, is it really that important to see it all? What about experiencing art forms through allowing for something more than simple pleasures of consumption?

Our passion for art and for London inspired us to create a project that undertakes an objective of challenging the way we experience art and the art world. Suspecting the exhaustion and anxiety of the contemporaneous audience, anaesthetised by the multitude of stimuli, we propose an innovative concept of exhibition-making: a withdrawal from the traditional curator’s narrative and resistance against the quantity and seriality of the showcased artworks.

ONE way

ONE project is our alternative. We create an intimate and unique space where the audience can truly contemplate art. It’s easy to be indifferent when confronted with 100 artforms at once, but it is equally difficult to stay impassive when presented with just one. Our goal is to make it a memorable experience that is purposeful, accessible and interactive.

Moreover, we believe that proposed by us form is much more accessible to less experienced and underprivileged audiences as well as challenging and interesting to connoisseurs. What better a place to promote art, to engage artists with different forms of art, as well as, engage new audiences?