Noeli Gallery

Shanghai, China


  • 150B Yue Yang Road
  • Shanghai
  • Shanghai
  • 200231
  • China


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Noeli Gallery is located in a historic house in the heart of the old French Concession on 150B Yue Yang Rd. It was once the residence of a high-ranking army officer from China's former regime.

Noeli Gallery had its successful official opening on May 12th, 2007 in Shanghai. It aims to share and communicate the passion of art.

Noeli Gallery devotes itself to promoting potential academic Chinese artists as well as artists from all over the world, offering them an art platform and great opportunities for exchanging experience and communication.

Noeli Gallery also supports young artists who have great talents and have achieved national and international recognition. Noeli Gallery continues to scout out new talented people in painting, sketching, photography and sculpture.

Exhibiting artists