Napa Hall Gallery

Santa Barbara, United States


  • California State University Channel Islands
  • One University Drive
  • Santa Barbara
  • California
  • CA 93012
  • United States

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Gallery hours are: Monday through Friday, 9AM-5PM


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This bright and spacious gallery is the University’s premier art exhibition space, and hosts a wide range of art exhibitions featuring regional, national and internationally recognized artists. Though CI is located in close proximity to Los Angeles, the mission of the Napa Hall Gallery is to expose students to a diverse array of emerging artists, experimental media, and varied artistic practices—in other words, to bring the artists and creative practitioners directly to the students. Located in the main art building, this space has featured: video projects, architectural models, painting, performances, sculpture, photography, design, and even elaborate neon installations in conjunction with the Museum of Neon Art. The Napa Gallery also hosts the “Campus Crossover Series,” a showcase for cutting-edge graduate student work from CI’s neighboring institution, the University of California, Santa Barbara.