Museum Jan van der Togt

Amstelveen, Netherlands


  • Dorpsstraat 50
  • Amstelveen
  • Noord-Holland
  • 1182 JE
  • Netherlands

Opening times

Wed-Fri 11.00 - 17.00
Sat & Sun 13.00 - 17.00


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The Dutch industrialist Jan van der Togt was one of the generous collectors of modern art who made their treasures accessible to the general public. He took the initiative in establishing a fund for the building of a new public museum in which his collection would find a permanent home. The Jan van der Togt Museum opened in 1991. It is housed in a stylish building, incorporates the latest architectural museum designs and attracts ever growing numbers of visitors thanks to its impressive permanent collection and a varied programme of (sales) exhibitions featuring artists from the Netherlands and abroad.

Besides exhibitions from its permanent collection, the Jan van der Togt Museum holds special exhibitions of works by well-known and less well-known but invariably interesting visual artists, including Karel Appel, Robert Combas and Takashi Murakami, to mention but a few of the better-known names. Up-and-coming talents, however, are also given a chance to present their work in a museum environment. It is this combination of permanent and surprising special exhibitions that makes the Jan van der Togt Museum a true art centre: a meeting place for artists, art collectors and art lovers alike.

A tour of the museum instantly reveals the expertise with which the core of the collection has been arranged. The artistic level of the collection is determined by highlights from modern Czech avant-garde glass art (including works by Cigler, Libensky and Vasicek), a series of abstract expressionist works by the American artist Sam Francis, reliefs by Agam and C├ęsar and sculptures by Zadkine, Dzamonja and Verschoor. Jan van der Togt developed a keen eye for quality and subtle feeling for the permanent value of works of modern art, partly through his friendship with the architect Huig Maaskant and, in later years, with the visual artist Jan Verschoor. He commissioned Maaskant to design the famous Tomado building in Dordrecht -celebrated particularly in progressive architectural circles- and involved Verschoor closely in the foundation and building of his art museum.

Exhibiting artists