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Murmurs is a joint curatorial project founded by Allison Littrell and Morgan Elder with the vision to create an arts space that is community-driven and champions the emerging artists and voices that surround us. Our programming includes art, performance, and community events such as panels, workshops, film screenings, theater and readings. Located in a warehouse in the Manufacturing District, our multifaceted environment also includes a cafe and curated shop carrying local artist and handmade goods.
Murmurs is modeled after the duality of a murmur as both communal and personal, external and internal: Every momentous creation begins as a murmur — slipping from one person’s lips into the earshot of another then repeated through a crowd, like ripples across still water. To hear murmurs requires a shift in perception. They are currents flowing through the community, undergirding everything that is big, loud, and obvious. Though subtle, murmurs are powerful. In your heart, a murmur can arrest you from the inside out, dictating your body’s rhythm to throw you into a state of heightened awareness.

ABOUT THE SPACE—Murmurs consists of a 4,900 sqft warehouse with two main spaces, plus a large covered patio garden that acts as a thoroughfare, connecting the front and back spaces. The back space is a 1,600 sqft gallery with a mezzanine and video screening room/green room. Meanwhile, the 1,200 front space features a professional cafe kitchen. Located in the textile district of Downtown LA, which is just beyond the boundary of the Arts District, Murmurs is one of the few non-manufacturing business on the block. Since the area is non-residential it is an ideal location for concerts and parties. The space available to rent for events, photoshoots and more. Inquire here:

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