Monastero Santa Croce

Ameglia, Italy


  • Via Santa Croce, 31
  • Ameglia
  • Liguria
  • 19031
  • Italy


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Monastero Santa Croce, The Monastery of the Holy Cross, is located about 5km from Ameglia, the charming ancient village located on the border between the Italian regions of Liguria and Tuscany. The territory of the Monastery lies on a hill surrounded by the forest, the natural park, green lawns and the secluded seaside. Each space has particular atmosphere. The Monastery is truly the place of the breathtaking views, meeting with nature and creative inspiration.

Monastero Santa Croce was founded in 1176. It is the important spiritual place of Christian pilgrimage as it keeps the unique Holy Cross of the 10th century, 

the wooden Christ created in Byzantine Romanesque style.

The name of the Monastery is mentioned by many prominent authors of Italian classical literature and is also famous for being the place of seclusion for such outstanding figure as Dante Alighieri. The Monastery attracted many Italian writers and poets, such as Eugenio Montale, 
Cesare Pavese, Elio Vittorini and Giulio Einaudi, who had chosen it as the place for their holidays in search of concentration and creative inspiration. 

Take a walk around the Monastery territory and continuously enjoy incredibly pure seaside air, inhale the fragrance of flowers and herbs. Literally, the natural pharmacy is at your feet: mint, rosmary, thyme...On your way you may encounter palms and tropical plants, olive, apple and lemon trees, persimmon, grapes and even a little bamboo grove. The sound of cicadas flow like the music and dissolve in the air as you walk more down to the seaside. The curled forest paths take you the Monastery beach which is unique in the area as it is completely isolated and private. The sound of the sea waves, the wind and the magnificent nature blend with each other...


The geographical area is famous for the impressive panoramic views of the Apuan Alps, picturesque landscapes surrounded by the sky-blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, finest cuisine traditions and the greatest arts heritage. 

In Ameglia, as you step on the Piazza della Liberta, this is exactly the point where Liguria meets Tuscany. 

The village of Ameglia and its territory have the history dating back to the 4th century BC. 

The atmosphere and the very air of the place still keep the spirit of ancient Romans and the early Middle Ages. 

The tiny narrow streets still preserve ancient details and evoke a timeless feeling... 


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