Le Lieu

Trogen, Switzerland


  • Karin Karinna Buhler
  • Kantonsschulstrasse 6
  • Trogen
  • Appenzell Ausserrhoden
  • 9043
  • Switzerland


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LE LIEU is a platform contemporary art and focused site-specific works. It is not a particular medium of interest, but the confrontation on the ground, with the space and its history. 
The semi-public spaces in the former hospital and nursing home «Palais Bleu» are the starting point for space interventions, interventions, installations, performances, actions, the three - Find or four times a year and will be opened with soup and wine.

LE LIEU is neither a "white space" nor a "black box", but uses the events of a whole house with Public and semi-public spaces. The long corridor, the staircase, the Teenische, goods lift, the button lift, the coal cellar, roof terrace, the garden, the lawn or in the forest can be transformed into an exhibition. 
The site-specific work of the artists is a matter of course. Flexible structures and the interesting history of the building permit versatile scope and various Anknöpfungspunkte.

LE LIEU invites one hand, regional artists a, on the other art historians / curators throughout Switzerland and neighboring countries to turn to invite an artist / an artist of their choice. 
Art and Theory professionals standing together at the interface of art production and its reception.Regional and national positions contemporary art are discussed and re-examined by the found spaces.