Knupp Gallery

Prague, Czechia


  • Revoluční 17
  • Prague
  • Prague
  • 110 00
  • Czechia

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Mon - Fri: 10-19
Sat - Sun: 11-18


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The Knupp gallery has been in operation since February 2013. In an artistically generic concept, it distributes its focus on painting, sculpture and glass. Its time profile gives a preference to contemporary works, with a partial focus in the 20th century (mainly graphics and drawings of art legends - K.Lhoták, Toyen, Z.Sýkora, O.Zoubek, etc.). In the portfolio of contemporary artists, you will find a range of artists of many genres and styles. The emphasis is on each of them to create their own artistic path, unconcerning to another artist within the gallery.

 In the years 2015-17, we actively participated in the primary art market in the USA (Los Angeles, CA). The gallery has evolved from changing its name to opening its own branch office in Los Angeles, California (, DTLA). It was also beneficial to participate at the local multicultural contemporary art fair - the LA Art Show (2016-17), which is attended by up to 60.oooo art lovers each year. Since the opening of the Californian gallery headquarters in Downtown LA in autumn of 2016 and its temporary closure a year later, we have held several important solo and group exhibitions of Czech livings artists.

​Since September 2017, the gallery has been merged into one address in Prague, where visitors can admire and possibly buy works on the two floors, which the gallery presents. In the lower part towards Revoluční street we hold solo exhibitions, and the graphic and drawing of the 20th century artists hang on the wall in the other ground floor room towards Hradební Street. At the top floor, you can browse through individual booths that are thematically subdivided.

Exhibiting Artists