Jose Peon Contreras Palace

Merida, Mexico


  • 60 x 57
  • Merida
  • Yucatán
  • 97000
  • Mexico


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T'HO fest YUCATAN art code

Yucatan's International Contemporary Art Collective Show.

A dialogue among civilization.

Dozens of visual artist from around the world showing their art in Yucatán.

Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Mix-media, Performance, Video and Instalation.

T'ho Fest, is a Juried International Art event, artistically directed by Cuban-Mexican Art Critic, and curator, Member of AICA (International Association of Arts Critics) Jose Luis Rodriguez de Armas, as the Event's General Coordinator. All participants Artists contest for the "Kukul" Award for the Yucatan's Contemporary Arts.

The Main Venue is the most prestigious space for the Yucatan`s Arts, the "José Peon Contreras Palace" in Mérida, Mexico. from 18 to 26 of MAR - SPRING EQUINOX 2017