Fundación PROA

Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929
  • La Boca, Caminito
  • Buenos Aires
  • Argentina

Opening times

From Tuesdays to Sundays
11 - 19 hrs.
Mondays closed.


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Located in and old 19th century house, in the neighborhood of La Boca, since 1996, Fundación Proa inaugurates its new building in November 2008.

Its new three-storey building, which features four exhibition rooms, a multimedia auditorium, a specialized library, a restaurant and terrace, as well as dynamic spaces open to the public and a transparent façade that enables the communication of experiences from the inside towards the neighborhood. The project and management of the works were in charge of the Caruso-Torricella Studio in Milan, the same that ten years ago transformed the old building into an iconic landmark for contemporary art in Buenos Aires.